Name: Dante Clark, ’20

Degree: BS, Business Administration with a Marketing Emphasis; Minor in Leadership Studies

Position: Inside Sales Representative

Company: B2X Global

Industry: IT Sales Industry

How did you strategize landing this job?
I took advantage of one of the career services events, Mock Interviews. After participating in the event, I followed up with one of my interviewers for the rest of the semester and ended up getting hired as an intern. After a couple years of work, I was brought on full-time.

What is some career advice for students looking for an internship/job in this market?
I would recommend utilizing the tools around you including the career coaches and the networking events Chapman provides. Additionally, do not be afraid to follow up with a potential employer multiple times because it shows them you are seriously interested. Lastly, I suggest trying to have something each year on your resume whether it is a job, internship, or volunteer work. It looks good to potential employers.