Name: Paul Jones, ’11

Position: Sr. Marketing and Communications Specialist

Industry: Consumer Goods – Electric Bicycles

Graduate Degree/Concentration: Business/Economics | Experiential Marketing, Sponsorships, Social Media and Advocacy

Why did you choose this industry/field?

Marketing is the fun side of business, where creativity and constant change are the name of the game. Spreading the word on an idea that you proudly stand behind and differentiating yourself in the playing field brings exciting challenges to tackle every day. It has been amazing to watch eBikes become more fully embraced in the US over the past five years, seeing lives changed and smiles made by this transformative technology – and even more amazing to feel like I’ve played a part in their rise to relevance.

How did you strategize to get your career to where it is today?

Although I knew early in my undergraduate studies that I wanted to be a marketer, it took several years post-graduation, jobs, and a seemingly unrelated Master’s in city planning to truly understand in what field I wanted to market. What helped me along the way was getting real-world hands-on experiences at internships, setting personal milestones for my educational goals, becoming comfortable with taking leaps of faith, and understanding “failure” is a beta test that often leads to self-discovery.

Any career advice for current students entering the industry in this job market?

  1. Get tangible work experience however you can! Always consider how projects you work on can be shared and shown as proven evidence of your abilities.
  2. Get to know your professors, industry professionals, co-workers and cohort! All of the best jobs I have had stemmed from a relationship.
  3. Volunteer! Serving others and giving back to your community is not just a resume builder – it’s a chance to learn from and care for others, a beautiful calling and goal unto itself.

How did getting your degree from Chapman set you up for success on your career path?

The flexibility of the Chapman business program helped me delve deep into a customized mix of marketing and data-driven analytics. Building my skillset for several career path possibilities opened a broader variety of early internships and jobs to me. Ultimately that helped me refine my career aspirations even after graduation by learning what I loved – and what I didn’t – in the “real world.”