As an incoming Fall Marketing Intern at Waycare Tech, I’m eager to apply the fundamentals, critical thinking, and interpersonal communication skills that I have gained throughout my experience and education at Chapman. Their Marketing Manager spearheaded many of their current marketing resources and I’m excited to collaborate closely with her in a a fast-paced environment that is leveraging AI and data management in city traffic efficiency. I’ve learned through the application and interview process that it’s very difficult to go through it alone. Despite being unsuccessful with many applications, I did get the opportunity to take on two “micro-internships” that continued past Spring term ending. I had to chase these opportunities to notice personal and professional development in myself. At the time I didn’t see much of the long-term benefits, mainly because they were student-run startups. But putting myself out there in a professional environment, working remotely with ambitious students around the country on a common goal helped to solidify values and strengths that I can connect with my experience at Chapman. As we transitioned to working remotely, I learned to be more resourceful, especially during a time when we can meet people in areas we geographically wouldn’t have before. I was even too scared to attend career fairs and panels before Covid-19, but I realized the benefits that these events have. I also don’t believe that there’s a standard path or time constraint that one should force on themselves to follow. I learned this first-hand early-on when I compared my professional experiences to what I thought was expected, based off social media. But since then I’ve learned that as long as I feel proactive with what I’m doing on and off-campus, while also keeping my hobbies and values close to me, that I can trust myself and that the process will follow. I did not perform well or stand out in high school, but I eventually realized that I took advantage of this growth opportunity, when professors of mine are surprised by that. It’s okay to feel lost, confused or discouraged sometimes, but surrounding yourself with career development professionals, friends, and professors who support you and offer feedback help with the journey.