Name: Luciana Bonesio

Position: Sr. Strategic Account Executive at Channel Bakers

Industry: Digital Marketing & Advertising

Graduate Degree/Concentration: Business Administration | Marketing

Why did you choose this industry/field?

I have always had a passion for marketing and have known for a while this was a field that really interested me. For my current role specifically, what attracted me was the opportunity to work closely with a giant like Amazon, as well as brands of different sizes from different category verticals.

My current field allows me to not only use data and think strategically, but also to get creative with campaign messaging and come up with innovative processes. It was really important to me to have both aspects in my day-to-day. Working at an agency allows you to wear multiple hats and learn about many different industries. I felt that this flexibility would help me find a path I want to focus on in the future.

How did you strategize to get your career to where it is today?

While at Chapman I tried to choose classes that were in areas I knew interested me. From there, I created relationships with the professors who could show me how concepts learned in class would apply in the professional world. This helped me narrow down my search to a field I thought would be best suited for me.

When I secured my first job, I focused on absorbing as much knowledge as I could from the people around me. This meant sometimes stepping outside my role and volunteering to help with a certain project, or simply shadow my managers to learn something new. In every project I was a part of, I always made sure to be vocal and participate, even if it was just asking for clarification. I found ways to add value not just to the company but those around me as well.

Throughout my experience, I always made sure that I asked myself “Am I being challenged enough?” or “Am I growing personally and professionally in my role?”. Any time my answer was no, I proactively looked for ways to improve and step outside my comfort zone.

Do you have any career advice for current students entering into the industry in this job market?

You only get out of your experience what you put into it. Make sure you challenge yourself and get comfortable stepping outside your comfort zone or trying something new. Any experience is good experience, and as long as you keep learning from both your successes and mistakes you’ll keep growing.

I now manage a team of 10 people and when hiring, the top three things I look for are: willingness to learn/adapt, attention to detail, pro-activeness. Being a hard worker and a collaborative, open-minded team member can’t be taught, but technical knowledge can!

My last piece of advice would be that you are your biggest advocate! Don’t ever forget that – whether you’re looking for a job now or already have one. Don’t be shy when speaking about your successes and your mistakes too! 2020 has been a really tough year for a lot of people, so coming into this job market with a positive “can do” attitude will go a long way.