Name: Izzy Sarrafzadeh

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration; International Business

Position: Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder

Company: viv for your v

What differentiates viv for your v in the market?

When us viv founders began making sustainable switches in our lives, we noticed that the menstrual care space did not have many options. What currently exists are the generic brands we, as menstruators, are often introduced to day one. They have built their products around menstruators’ insecurities. We also see some newer brands creating toxin free and chemical free products. This is desperately needed in the menstrual space, but because you can still find a lot of plastic being used in their products, a gap exists. This is where viv comes in. We are a brand that prioritizes bringing menstruators sustainable products that are both better for you and the planet.

What excites you about your company and industry?  

Viv was created by Gen-Z menstruators for Gen-Z menstruators. We are building a brand as our own target audience which is so exciting. It creates an environment you can really relate to and put your heart into. Because of that we are working to rewrite our relationship with our periods by emphasizing inclusivity, sustainability, and breaking the stigmas surrounding menstruation. We are here to build a new wave of menstruators and disrupt the period care market you see today. 

Can you give advice to students on how to stand out in the viv for your v application process? 

Definitely show us your creative side! We love seeing things from all perspectives and from outside of the box – that’s how we are able to grow and scale.  

What kinds of people seem to be successful at viv for your v?

We need people who are not only thinkers and creative individuals, but go-getters. Being a super early-stage startup, we need to move fast and constantly be on our toes. If you can wear lots of hats and pick up new projects on a weekly basis you will love the viv work environment.