DIVERTbrands logoName: Zachary Adamson

Position: Founder & CEO

Company: DIVERTbrands

What excites you about your company/industry?

Action Sports and Creative Culture (photography/videography, art/design, music etc) are naturally exciting and energizing. From the awe inspiring tricks, to the emotional engagement that comes with producing creative works, DIVERTsessions finds itself in an appealing industry by the very nature of sports and entertainment. Beyond that however, the thing that excites me most about DIVERTsessions, is that facility makes these sports accessible to communities and youth that would otherwise never fathom being able to participate. By leveraging the excitement of Action Sports and Creative Culture, we provide a positive outlet for youth to DIVERT their attention toward a positive, supportive community, and give them real life and professional skills that can translate into a fulfilling career. This gives them a platform to make a real lasting impact in people’s lives. THAT’S SUPER EXCITING!

What differentiates DIVERTsessions in the market?

DIVERTsessions will be the first facility of its kind to locate directly in the middle of a large urban area. Woodward, Windells and others all offer a similar experience, but they exist really far away and are very expensive. DIVERTsessions is intended to be the comfortable, convenient and affordable on-ramp to action sports and creative culture so we can truly bring these experiences and opportunities to the masses.

Advice to students on how to stand out in the DIVERTsessions hiring process?

We want to get to know you as a person, not just a student or what you are studying. You have unique life experiences that likely set you up really well to contribute to the DIVERTsessions experience. How do your life experiences apply to something that DIVERTsessions offers to our customers or needs to successfully run our business? We want to make sure that you are set up in a role where you can thrive, not just survive.

What kinds of people would be successful at DIVERTsessions?

We believe there are two critical ingredients that when intersected together in the right way to support DIVERTs mission, make for an undeniably successful employee at DIVERT. That is your unique talents and your inherent passions. What are the skills that you were born with and have continued to hone and improve upon? Maybe it’s what you are studying in school, maybe it’s something else. What are you passionate about? What can you not wait to spend your time doing when you have the chance? When you do it you feel the most alive? What does a job look like when those two things intersect? Do you think that intersection point is aligned with one of the roles we are offering at DIVERT? Maybe it’s not a role we currently offer, but you think you could add real value. Let us know and we would love to discuss an opportunity.