Name: Matthew Craig, ’21

Positions: Marketing Intern, Financial Strategist Intern, Design and Production Manager (Current)

Company: Rugtomize

What differentiates Rugtomize in the market?

What differentiates Rugtomize is the product and people. Rugtomize comes from a historical family rug business and is the only rug company with the mission to put unique art in everyone’s home by making custom rugs available to everyone. We have the means and product to connect you with some of the best business minds and artists in our expansive community. 

Rugtomize takes everyday to be kind-hearted and hospitable to those we work with and work for. We all take care of and listen to each other. We also produce all of our rugs at headquarters in Santa Ana, CA and production days are always fun!

What excites you about your company and industry? 

We love working in the art/design industry. Working with some of the best world-renowned artists to collaborate on a medium they did not think was possible is something that I will never forget. The feedback we receive on people’s reactions to the rugs and the untapped custom flooring market makes day to day challenges more than worth it.

Do you have advice to students on how to stand out in the Rugtomize application process?

Be genuine and kind, ready to address failures as much as successes. Come prepared with questions. Show versatility and adaptability in skillset and mindset.

What kinds of people seem to be successful at Rugtomize?

Resilient, persistent, determined creatives and entrepreneurs. People who execute their work to the best of their ability and are detail oriented in their work. You can’t be afraid to shake up the bushes to get business and collaborations moving with people.