Name: Mason Collins, ’19 (MBA ’21)

Company: Worldwide Television at Lionsgate Entertainment

Position: Analyst

Industry: Entertainment Industry

Degree/Year: BS, Business Administration (finance emphasis), 2019; MBA, 2021

What excites you about this company and job?

I love the business strategy aspect of the role. It combines technical financial modeling skills with strategic presentation skills to create a role where I will be able to give advice and recommendations based on my analysis. It is also very exciting to be the analysis and strategy behind Lionsgate’s international television deals. This role directly impacts the success of the company, and I look forward to being a part of that success. Lionsgate seems like a great place to work. I have gotten the pleasure of meeting a lot of people on the team and look forward to working with all of them in the future. The entertainment industry is experiencing some exciting new changes and Lionsgate is in a unique position, which should excite anyone that is working there.

How did you strategize landing this internship/job?

Prior to every interview, I made sure I knew everything there was about both the history and the current state of the company, the person that was interviewing me, and the role I was applying for. It is important to have a vast knowledge of these topics in case you receive specific questions. I also consulted with the Career Services office and other mentors of mine to get an idea of which kinds of questions were going to be asked. From there I wrote out lengthy answers to each question and studied them prior to my interviews. This helps me get in the mindset of the interview and the potential topics at hand.

Can you give students some career advice for looking for an internship/job in this market?

Perseverance is key. This role was nowhere near the first job application I submitted. It takes diligent time and effort. Check job application sites every single day. Be curious about all jobs that you could potentially apply for at all relevant companies because you never know what could be interesting. Sometimes the job description doesn’t do the role justice. Especially when applying for an entry level position, it is important to apply to everything that could work, because you never know what your options will look like down the line. It is best to play a numbers game.

Utilize ASBE Career Services. They have all of the answers to your questions and more. It is important to keep in touch with them and build a strong relationship. When it comes to interviews, be confident (even if you’re not). Confidence will go a long way. Be prepared. Preparation will lead to more confidence. Do what you need to do in preparation to be your most confident and comfortable self – whether that is writing out potential answers, mock interviews, or anything else that works, it is important to take that seriously.

Take pride in how you prepare and what you say during the interview. It is important to look and act excited about the role you are interviewing for as well. Most importantly, show genuine curiosity about the role. In the end, yes, an employer wants someone who does the tasks on the job description, but they also want someone who really wants to be there and will add an extra layer of value to the team. Asking good questions and showing curiosity about the role, the company, and the industry can only help you with your candidacy.