Hello! My name is Arianna Modesti, and I am a rising senior majoring in Business Marketing. Finding an internship this summer that I really loved, and aligned with my career interests, was extremely important to me. I spent weeks working on my resume and cover letter, completely revising my LinkedIn profile, and continually meeting with the career center for support along the way. I must have applied for at least 15 internships before finding the Executive Store Management Internship with Target. The description aligned well with my interests, and I felt it could be a great learning experience and complement my prior retail experience at Nordstrom. I did hours of research on the company, their values, how employees were treated, new initiatives they were launching, anything to give me leverage and show them my genuine interest in the position.  I channeled all of this information into my cover letter and detailed how my background could fit well within their company and goals for the future. 

The recruiter contacted me soon after my application to request an interview.  I researched every interview question that could be asked and had an answer prepared that was genuine to my background but also showed that I was serious about working at Target. After the phone interview, I was invited to interview with the District Manager and HR lead via Zoom. A few days passed, and I received an email saying I had been offered the position!

Although this was a very stressful and tedious process, I am looking forward to starting with Target in a few weeks and learning the inner workings of a multi-billion dollar corporation. For anyone looking for an internship or in the same position, all I can say is stay positive. I was rejected by many companies before I got the offer letter, and it was all worth the wait!