My name is Jun Jie Goh, and I’m from Singapore. I recently graduated with a major in Business and a minor in Analytics. The classes I took with Dr. Jonathan Hersh, Dr. Kaan Ataman, and Professor Duncan Houldsworth made me realize analytics is a career path I want to pursue. I will be attending Columbia University this fall for a Master of Science in Applied Analytics program to build a stronger foundation in analytics.

Having graduated with just a minor in analytics, I felt that I lacked in several areas. Hence, I decided to apply to Columbia’s program. I believe that it will provide me the exact mix of exposure, resources, and academic intensity that will excel my career as a Data Analyst. I love that this program focuses on the technical aspects of analytics and the managerial skills required to lead a data team.

*How did I end up here?*

I guess my journey to Columbia University was quite a roller coaster ride. Initially, my goal was to secure a job right after I graduated. After over 200 applications, I did get an offer but subsequently got rescinded due to unforeseen circumstances. As an international student, my unemployment days on my visa were running out, so I thought that my next best option was to apply to graduate school. In addition, it will open a lot of professional doors and opportunities.

*Advice on applying to grad school (M.S. Program)*

  1. Do lots of research on data analytics, the school, and the program – many of the supplemental essay prompts are questions related to the program and the school itself, and it’s a way for the admissions team to gauge how well you have done your research.
  1. I took advantage of Chapman’s Career Center. I had many meetings with Tuanni and she gave me invaluable advice in terms of job applications and networking. In addition, I constantly submitted my resume for review, and her feedback allowed me to build a strong resume and cover letter.

  1. Unlike an MBA, an M.S. program requires none to little work experience. However, you must ask yourself if you are ready for graduate school and if you would like to work first and do your M.S. later. I felt that if I started working back home, it would be hard for me to transition back to school, especially from another country.