Name: Shaun Harris 00′

Position: Sporting Director

Company: Score Global Properties, Sporting ID11

What differentiates SportingID11 in the market?

Sporting ID11 will be the first fan/supporter-owned professional sports team in North America, Our investment in People and Place, defining Purpose in and through Sport.

Advice to students on how to stand out in the business/sports world?

Develop a network, put yourself around organizations and people who value you and are willing to grow your practical experiences within Sport.  Who you know and What you know are the two most powerful opportunities you can create for yourself.

What excites you about your company/industry?

Soccer is the largest sport in the world, with 10x more the number of organizations/teams globally than all other professional sport in the US combined.  Soccer is the fastest growing sport in North America and the #1 participated youth sport.  With the 2026 World Cup returning to North America in 2026, the next 5 years will create more opportunity than ever within the sport.  Our company “Score Global Properties” looks to reconnect the functionalities of sport with the community through “Sporting ID11”  a professional team here in Orange County #ForTheFansWithTheFans