Name: Khalil Zeigler

Company: Long Beach Forward

Position: Development Manager

Industry: Non-Profit (Community Development)

Graduate Degree: MBA

Year: 2023

Concentration: Entertainment

What excites you about this opportunity?

My main goal in my career is to support and uplift those who find it difficult to emerge in the arts and entertainment industry. With the experience I’ll gain in this role, I will be one step closer to achieving that.

How did you strategize landing this role? 

I used all the tools available to me. Applied on, researched the organization through its website and social media, and reached out to my fellow students/faculty for support.

What advice would you give to anyone looking for an internship/job in this market?

During the interview process, I reminded myself of two things: first, what employers are looking for is passion. If you are passionate about you the industry you applied for you need to let that show. Second, you can’t be afraid of rejection.