Name: Jorge Cisneros

Company: Anaheim Police Department

Position: Chief of Police

What differentiates APD in the market?

The Anaheim Police Department provides the highest level of public safety services to a large, dynamic, and diverse community. We work in partnership with our community to be innovative, strategic and collaborative in providing those services. The City’s size and venues alone provide unique opportunities for anyone considering a career in law enforcement. To serve Anaheim, the APD staffs many working assignments including SWAT, K9’s, Air Support, Community Policing, Psychiatric Emergency Response Team, and a variety of detective and investigative details. Our department values – respect, commitment to service, teamwork, professionalism, compassion, integrity, employee wellness, and being an inclusive organization. Our personnel’s priorities are to proactively impact crime, enhance community relationships and maintain our position as a high-performing organization. Simply stated, we provide the ideal environment to grow as a law enforcement professional.

What excites you about APD? Is there any advice to applicants on how to stand out during the hiring process?

The single most exciting aspect about the APD is opportunity. The City of Anaheim is growing and rapidly changing and the APD is tasked with responding to that growth by continuing to provide the same level of service our residents and visitors have grown accustomed to. The opportunity within APD for professional development and advancement has never been greater, and we’re actively searching for the ideal candidates to be the next generation of Anaheim police officers. The APD is always looking for well-rounded, educated individuals who have a history of demonstrating outstanding character and integrity.

What kind of people are successful at APD?

Anyone willing to pursue a career in law enforcement should be applauded for their selflessness and commitment to service. There is no archetype of a successful individual in police work. Police work is a team sport. Departments are successful because of the quality of women and men who make up the organization. My job as Chief is to select well-rounded individuals who possess good communication skills and life experience and to create an environment to ensure they can continue to develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the law enforcement profession.