Cynthia Le

My name is Cynthia Le and I am a second-year pre-law student at Chapman, where I am majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and minoring in Law and Liberal Arts. I’m currently interning as a Copyright Legal Intern at Higbee & Associates and will be interning with Bock & Plummer Law for the summer.

I started my university experience online, which severely limited the opportunities I had to explicitly demonstrate my interest in the law. Despite this, I was still determined to find a professional experience that would help me refine my career aspirations. So when I had two offers for two different law firms, I was beyond ecstatic. Both firms were relevant to my career interests, and I was fortunate enough to be able to stagger the two opportunities. Both law firms will allow me to understand the industry through various perspectives that will help me make a more informed decision about what kind of law I’d like to pursue.

The hard part about law internships is that there’s significant competition with law students. Thus, strategy was incredibly important while applying and interviewing. I connected with my Business Law professor to discuss internship opportunities. I was a student of his for two academic semesters, and my strong academic performance in the two law classes I took with him gave him a good basis of reference as to what I was capable of. He was able to tap into his network and connect me with professionals who could help guide my journey. Additionally, he connected with local boutique law firms to strongly recommend my candidacy. Both of the principal attorneys at Bock & Plummer decided to take me on as their first undergraduate intern.

I’m incredibly excited to learn about corporate law through a more practical lens and apply the concepts I learned in the classroom in a real setting. My advice to any pre-law students looking for internships is to connect with your professors; they are such a phenomenal resource. These relationships have introduced me to a myriad of professionals who have been a significant guiding force in my career development.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your network and seize the opportunity to learn from others.