Name: Vidhi Joshi ’22

Graduate Degree/Year/Concentration: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Leadership Minor

Position: Corporate Financial Planning Analyst

Company: The Walt Disney Company, Burbank, CA

How did you strategize landing this job?

I began my career journey during my freshman year at Chapman when I started working at the Disneyland Resort as an Attractions Hostess on rides in the resort including Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain! While interacting with thousands of guests each day, I became interested in learning more about the finance side of the company. I began the Undergraduate Finance Associate Program/Internship with Disney during my sophomore year after learning more about it during a company event. With this internship program, I was able to further develop my technical skills and grow my network.

Finally, during my senior year, I began the application and interview process for full-time roles. I started the process by reaching out to mentors in my network to ask about open positions and interview tips. I strategized by creating a document that included possible interview questions with multiple stories and answers. I updated my resume and scheduled mock interview appointments with Heather Stotler at the Argyros School Career Advancement Center to sharpen my interviewing skills. During the application and interviewing process, I did get a “no” before I got my first “yes.”

However, I believe that maintaining my focus, practicing example questions, and applying the feedback helped me become more confident in my answers. A few weeks later, I received a call that I landed my dream role!

What excites you about this job?

I’m thrilled about my new role with Disney because I value Disney’s dedication to diversity, uniting families, and encouraging imagination. I believe that Disney is a growth-oriented company where the possibilities are endless. Disney has over 500 different types of career paths! I feel that my role on the FP&A team is the perfect next step in my career because I will have the chance to support clients and recognize the value of my contributions.

Do you have any career advice for anyone looking for an internship or job in this market?

My career advice is to get involved, maintain relationships, and utilize your resources at the Argyros School Career Advancement Center.

When I applied for my first internship with Disney, I realized that I would not have known that it existed until I attended a company event. During this event, I decided to put myself out there and started asking questions at a finance booth which led me to a chance to connect with a Senior Financial Analyst and learn more about their internship program. I recommend getting involved in your current roles. Attend events, be the first to start a conversation, and participate!