Student Spotlight: Michael Baker '25

Meet Michael Baker!

Michael Baker is pursuing a major in Business Administration with a specialized emphasis in Marketing. In addition to his major, Michael is also working on two minors, one in Analytics and another as a part of the University Honors Program. With an expected graduation year of 2025, Michael’s academic journey is marked by a passion for data and a keen interest in business and marketing.

A Place of Growth and Self-Discovery

Michael’s experience at Chapman University has been nothing short of amazing. He emphasizes that the people he’s met and the knowledge he’s gained have enriched his understanding of business, analytics ,and contributed to his personal growth. “Chapman is a place where I feel I can work on myself and figure out what I truly want to do after graduation,” he says, highlighting the empowering environment that the university provides.

One of the critical aspects of Michael’s time at Chapman has been his active involvement in Delta Sigma Pi, a coed professional business fraternity. Currently serving as the Vice President of Professional Activities, he is responsible for planning all the professional events that the chapter hosts. Michael’s previous role as Senior Vice President for Delta Sigma Pi involved planning recruitment events, demonstrating his leadership abilities, and organizational skills.

Choosing Chapman and the Argyros SchoolStudent Spotlight: Michael Baker '25

When asked about his choice of Chapman and the Argyros College of Business and Economics, Michael explains, “I chose Chapman because I wanted a much smaller university.” His desire to form close relationships with his professors and faculty drove this decision, allowing for more personalized learning experiences. Michael highlights the importance of his strong connections with faculty members such as Chris Pagel, Jim Dusserre, and David Berkovitz.

Gaining Real-World Experience

Throughout his time at Chapman, Michael has pursued various internships and jobs that have significantly contributed to his skill development and professional growth. Currently, he is an intern at Absolut Sport, a sports travel agency. He also works at the Orange Army Navy store in the Circle. In the past, Michael held an internship with Caring Corner, a medical facility for children with severe medical needs. These experiences have honed his work ethic, business acumen, and time management skills.

Michael notes that his Analytics minor has developed his analytics skills and sparked a passion for data. His participation in mock interviews has also bolstered his confidence during interviews and established strong connections with professionals in his field. 

Favorite Memories

Reflecting on his time at Chapman, Michael’s favorite memories revolve around the bonds he’s forged with the members of Delta Sigma Pi. He highlights the camaraderie and shared goals that make spending time with his fellow fraternity members enjoyable. Specifically, taking a volleyball class with some of his brothers allowed him to combine his love for sports with strengthening friendships.

Long-Term Career Goals

Looking ahead, Michael aspires to work for prestigious sports organizations like McLaren Formula 1 or the Dodgers, focusing on data analysis. In addition to his academic and career pursuits, Michael participated in the Alteryx Datathon at the Alteryx Headquarters. This competition exposed him to real-world sports data, including data from McLaren and baseball, further enhancing his skills and knowledge in sports data analytics.

A Passion for Sports and the Outdoors

Student Spotlight: Michael Baker '25

Beyond his academic and career pursuits, Michael has a love for sports and outdoor activities. He enjoys bowling, golfing, and camping, showcasing his well-rounded interests and active lifestyle.

Michael Baker’s journey at Chapman University’s Argyros School of Business and Economics is a testament to the transformative power of education, personal growth, and hands-on experience. With a deep passion for data analytics and dreams of working for prestigious sports organizations, he’s a shining example of the ambitious and dedicated students who make up Chapman’s vibrant community. As Michael continues to navigate his path toward success, he embodies the spirit of Chapman University and its commitment to empowering students to achieve their dreams.

We are confident that Michael will achieve great things in the future, and we are excited to continue witnessing his growth and excellence in any environment he finds himself in!


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