From real estate managers to talent acquisition specialists, marketers to financial analysts, directors to software engineers, dozens of Chapman Panthers have found success at First American over the years. A Top Employer of Chapman talent, First American is not only one of the largest companies in OC, but one of Chapman’s most cherished partners that consistently Thinks Chapman First. 

At the OC Giants event held on Thursday, October 6, First American (in partnership with Chapman University and the CEO Leadership Alliance of Orange County) gave an insider’s view into the company and available opportunities. The event was part of a seven-part collaborative “OC Giants” series featuring some of Orange County’s biggest names, with the goal of sustaining Orange County’s economic and community development by connecting local talent to local opportunities and local industry leaders.

First American’s panelists included Vice President of Talent Acquisition Jason Balaban and two Chapman Alumni, Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Brittany Rausch 11 and Sr. Marketing Specialist Jessica Gonzalez ’11. 

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Why First American is a Great Place to Work 

Jason Balaban, VP of Talent Acquisition

Jason Balaban, VP of Talent Acquisition

“We work together, stand by our commitments to each other and for exceptional services, we pursue operational excellence by leveraging each employee’s expertise. This helps us provide customers with high-quality solutions. We always operate as a team, we are empowered, accountable, inclusive, and mindful of our shared vision”.

First American is one of Orange County’s largest and prominent brands known for its commitment to employee wellbeing and positive work culture. 

For five years in a row, the leading provider of title insurance and risk solutions for real estate transactions has been recognized as one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, among other awards including Best Workplaces for Diversity and Women. 

Jason Balaban, Vice President of Talent Acquisition shared the company’s history and its dedication to building trust in all its transactions by incorporating core values of integrity and innovation. 

“This company has survived so manlarge-scale historical events in operating for over 130 years. We are constantly innovating and thriving with the times through geographic expansion and the creation of business units serving every region in the country. No matter what the future holds or what other real estate services we plan to get into, we will continue to provide great information developed with insight to our customers in a way that creates trust.” 

Speaking on First American’s healthy employee relations, Baladan explained that by putting in efforts to create a great work culture, the team is encouraged to cultivate strong internal relationships and conduct themselves with uncompromising standards. 

Chapman Alumni Success 

“What I love about the company culture is the focus on employee recognition and the great expectations they set. They’re hiring you because they see what you’re capable of bringing to the table and they make room for new perspective and skillsets 

Brittany Rausch ’11

Brittany Rausch ’11

Jessica Gonzalez ’11

Jessica Gonzalez ’11

Two Chapman alumni currently thriving at First American shared the stage with Balaban — Marketing Specialist Jessica Gonzalez ’11, B.S. in Business Administration and Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Brittany Rausch ’11, B.A. in Public Relations and Advertising. 

Gonzalez mentioned the company’s long-standing partnership with Chapman University and shared how her experience at Chapman University helped her develop leadership and networking skills that have contributed to her success at First American. 

At the core of networking is relationship building and as a student. I got involved in clubs and on-campus events where I had the opportunity to engage with other students and faculty. It was exciting to have a sense of belonging when I joined First American through an internship program.

Similarly, Rausch emphasized the special working environment, highlighting that 70% of the company’s staff is made up of women, a mark that ties in with their diversity and inclusion initiative. 

“The company values student engagement where we can get information from groups going into the workforce. We are interested to know what they’re looking for, and how we can incorporate it in plans to create a supportive work culture. An integral part of our corporate set-up is that we have a unique program that trains people to learn the skills for their roles as well as a wide range of expertise from business leaders at managerial levels.” 

Panther to Panther, the verdict is… First American is an amazing place to work.

Key Takeaways if You’re Applying to First American 

Remember: First American relies heavily on referrals in the recruiting process. Network with fellow Panthers and panelists from First American to get your foot in the door! 

  • Summer paid internships at First American are offered May/June – August/September 
  • Both graduate and undergraduate opportunities are available in various divisions at First American 
  • When applying for an internship, have your resume reviewed and pay attention to details 
  • Before interviewing for a job, do some research on the company, you will impress the recruiter if you ask questions specific to that company 
  • Networking can advance your career by providing opportunities you might not be able to find on your own