Ingram Micro’s corporate headquarters is located in Irvine. Opportunities are waiting for Panthers right in our backyard!  

We have a secret: Google isn’t just Google. Amazon doesn’t fly solo. And Apple doesn’t act alone. Inside the workings of some of the most well-known brands are a network of suppliers, B2B businesses and specialty companies that help other companies succeed. Ingram Micro is one of those companies that make it all happen.

Though you may not know their name off the top of your head, there a 50/50 chance their hardware is in your phone, and, chances are, a few of those Amazon packages on your doorstep are from them too. As the unseen heroes of our modern, technology-driven, I-want-it-delivered-now world… Ingram Micro just might be the biggest company you’ve never heard of. It’s time to get to know this OC Giant. 

Ingram is a Fortune500 company and global leader that works behind the scenes to distribute technology and provide supply chain management services all over the world. Their impressive list of thousands of vendors and suppliers include Microsoft, Dell, Amazon, Google, Walmart, Target, IBM, and Apple, to name a few.  They’re a Chapman University Top Employer and have earned a variety of awards over their forty years in business, including US distributor partner of the year. Ingram Micro has an unapparelled reach and can boast of being the only global broad-based IT distributor with a significant Asia Pacific presence, resulting in world-wide opportunities for their employees.

Recently, as a part of the OC Giants event series, Panthers were introduced to Ingram’s goals, employee experiences, culture, and internship opportunities. The panel event featured an experienced panel of Ingram Micro leaders, HR professionals, and alumni: Kirk Robinson (SVP & US Country Chief Executive), Greg Hauser (Executive Director, Global Acquisition), and Angela Bertolini (Snr Manager, US Talent Acquisition). It was wonderful to also be joined by three Chapman alumn Christopher Chen ’13 (Finance Business Manager), Elise May ’20 (Associate Marketing Client Services Manager), and Todd Arant ’99 (Executive Director, Global Business Processes). 

Fast Facts about Ingram Micro 

  • Ingram is three businesses in one: Technology solutions (runs a distribution operation), Cloud (builds a cloud aggregation strategy for partners) and Supply Chain Services 
  • $47bn in annual revenue
  • Top 100 Cloud Services Provider
  • Top 10 Most Powerful SaaS delivery companies
  • Top 10 global shipper (have strong relationships with FedEx and UPS) 
  • Sells in over 160 countries around the world
  • Has more than 250,000 customers globally and 2,000 vendors 

Three Reasons Ingram Micro is a Great Place to Work 

“Your career is not just about you. It is about having a team and finding the right people to surround yourself with” – Kirk Robinson

1. Opportunity to progress in your career: At Ingram Micro, the executives are willing to rotate and have workers challenge themselves in new roles. This will help keep you out of your comfort zone and offer you the chance to explore a new position, discover skills you didn’t know you had, and overall, make you a more valuable player in your profession! Kirk said, “I feel very passionately about making sure you communicate your goals as you navigate in your career. It doesn’t always have to be a ladder where you take the next step or the next title. When I look at my own career, it was more lateral, moving sideways to get further up.” Kirk received guidance from a mentor at Ingram Micro on how to be effective in the different roles he occupied, and this was a critical aspect that helped him move from sales associate position to the management level.

2. It is always about the people: Even when you take the risk to learn a new skill and encounter some setbacks, it is important that you find yourself in an environment that is understanding and supportive. This is where Ingram Micro’s company culture is distinct. They are people-focused, and this means they are invested in building the right relationships within their teams to motivate them every day. Greg has been working with Ingram Micro for over eight years and this is what he had to say about why he’s still with the company: “The people are the reason I stay at Ingram. We’ve developed an amazing culture with how we address problem-solving and collaborate across business units... There’re constant training and tremendous opportunities for advancement and efforts in our diversity, equity, and inclusion.” 

Ready to apply? Keep these 4 factors Ingram looks for in interviews in mind:

  1. Knowledge (technical knowledge and skills)
  2. Experience (work and academic accomplishments relevant to the position
  3. Personal qualities (motivation)
  4. Behaviors (competence to perform successfully)

3. Great internship opportunities:  Ingram Micro is committed to cultivating and retaining local talent in Orange County. Their internship program gives you the opportunity to work in finance, business management, human resources, marketing, information technology, strategic sourcing, and more! Be ready to bring your fresh perspective on board and gain valuable working experience! 

Applications are open for the 2021 Summer internship program (lasts for 10-14 weeks), and the IT New Hire Rotation Program which offers a full-time career opportunity for recent graduates. The Rotation Program is a 2-year program with four rotations, lasting six months each, in Product Engineering, Infrastructure, Information Security and IT Project Management Office (PMO). 

What they said… 

Kirk Robinson

Kirk Robinson, SVP & US Country Chief Executive

Kirk’s keys to Success:

1. Step out of your comfort zone.
2. Communicate your goals clearly to those who need to know.
3. Always play for the team.

Angela Bertolini, Snr Manager, US Talent Acquisition 

The core tenets of integrity, imagination, talent, and responsibility are very evident in what we do. Our mission is to bring the top talents into the organization. We’re always looking into how your core values and who you are as a professional align with who we are as an organization. 

Sometimes your past experiences, for instance, volunteer work can be the best predictor of your future success with us… You have to be a good communicator, be able to hold yourself accountable and be resilient in the face of adversity.”

Greg Hauser, Executive Director, Global Acquisition 

“When you’re searching for job opportunities and you don’t see something within your domain or interest, I suggest you do a LinkedIn search and reach out to individuals in the specific department or career function you’re interested in. They can give you insights into the hiring opportunities you can apply for. It is never too soon to get connected with others and start talking. Don’t wait, network with people. That’s the best way you’ll get exposure to any organization.”