Gallagher Info Session
Wed, Dec 2, 11 a.m.

Kasey Jimenez

Kasey Jimenez ’21, Assistant Underwriter Intern, soon to be full-time Assistant Underwriter at Gallagher

As students, we are pushed to find the best opportunities available in the job market. For many, they have no idea where to start and it’s easy to make the assumption that you need to find a job/internship in your major to become successful. But after taking a leap of faith, Panthers, including myself, have found rewarding experiences.

As a first-generation college student, I really didn’t know what would be an ideal workplace for me. I am currently a senior majoring in business administration with a marketing emphasis, minor in Latinx and Latin American studies, and am getting ready to graduate in just a few months in 2021. I thought I would be deemed successful if I pursued a full-time job in the field of marketing and business public relations management, but had yet to consider insurance until I hear about Gallagher.

When I first heard about the Gallagher Summer Internship program, I was excited and curious. I booked an appointment at the Office of Career and Professional Development and spoke with the team about this opportunity. They reviewed my resume, prepped me with mock interviews, and gave me the support I needed to feel confident about the application process. And it worked. I landed the internship and have continued interning throughout my senior year.

By pursuing this opportunity, I have explored the insurance industry and gained many insights into its operations. I learned through experience that Gallagher’s company culture is inclusive and team-oriented. I also learned that they truly value and invest in their interns. From the beginning, interns are flown from all over the country to Chicago to meet the executive team as well as other divisional leaders. I received hands-on training and discovered different branches and offices all over the OC and LA counties. Now, I get to look forward to taking the next step in my career as a full-time Assistant Underwriter upon graduation.

Gallagher’s 50-years-and-counting internship program is designed to build future leaders. Many interns have gone on to secure leadership, management, and full-time roles and enjoyed long, fulfilling, upward careers with the company. I am one of them, and can’t wait to continue my journey and take my next step as a full-time Assistant  Underwriter soon. Interns’ opportunities for growth at Gallagher are truly plentiful!

Gallagher’s awards include…

  • WayUp Top 100 Internship Program
  • Fourth largest insurance broker
  • One of the World’s Most Ethical Companies
  • Forbes America’s Best Employers for Women
  • Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality

In Good Company: Greg’s Career Path

Greg Eisenman

Greg Eisenman ’03, Area Assistant Vice President at Gallagher

I got the chance to hear from another Panther with an amazing experience at Gallagher. Greg Eisenman ’03 started as a film major and wanted an entertainment and marketing focus before joining Gallagher. Today, he gets to work in entertainment through the lens of client relations and insurance. He is a part of the Gallagher entertainment insurance team that insured 70% of last year’s Oscar nominees. That was eye-opening… who knew that someone working in insurance could be so ingrained in Southern California’s entertainment industry?

Greg reflected on his previous panther experience and talked about how Chapman prepared him for his career. “Being at Chapman with smaller class sizes and hearing my professors’ stories motivated me. I have developed my skills through the practical work I’ve engaged in. This experience has been very crucial to my current role,” Greg attested.

When asked why he chose Gallagher, he said, “It’s a global company and no other company operates this way. Everything we do is very personal and there are really a lot of high-quality people here. In the insurance industry, Gallagher creates an innovative and supportive environment by investing in resources and employee wellbeing. The leadership is also committed to ensuring that every job is done exceptionally well.”

In the next few years, Greg envisions himself running his own branch and to serve as a regional sales coach for younger people — hopefully, including lots of Chapman student interns. “As a branch manager, I will be more involved. I want to teach other people what it takes to succeed in the professional world and how they can maximize their talent.”

Greg’s closing words of advice? “Be open to opportunities. Put in your work as an individual and develop the confidence to take control of your career. Don’t be afraid to push your limits and become someone great.”

I couldn’t agree more. I am so glad I was open to learning more about a company I wasn’t familiar with. I am proud to take control of my career, and plan on continuing to push myself as I grow within my role.

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