On Monday, November 18, Global Fest wasn’t the only thing kicking off International Education Week.

Soochow visitor and Dean Price holding new agreementAs many were mesmerized by the harmonic flag procession, the CGE was closing in on opening up a brand new semester abroad program in Taiwan.  Visitors from Soochow University visited campus that Monday and signed an agreement with Chapman officially opening its doors to Chapman students starting as early as Fall 2020 (yes, you can apply NOW!).

Located in the city’s capital, Taipei, Soochow University offers students an immersive experience in Taiwan’s first private university.  With classes ranging from Physics to Psychology and Asian Studies to Law, Justice, & Social control, this program is fit for a variety of Chapman majors and minors.

Soochow Visitors and students holding Soochow flag

Check out classes that you can take on Soochow’s course catalog and review the program more in the Global Gateway. To apply for Fall 2020, attend a Global First Steps and request to open your application by December 6.

Soochow visitors and CGE students holding Soochow flag in front of Chapman library