Nearly every artwork in the Escalette Permanent Collection of Art is now available online through our eMuseum website. Explore over 600 works, gain access to research and additional label information, and create your own digital collection. 


eMuseum by Gallery Systems is a web publishing software specifically designed for museums, and created to seamlessly integrate with standard museum Collections Management Software (C.M.S) to create dynamic digital exhibitions. This means that all the information and research in our C.M.S. that Art Collections staff, student workers, volunteers, and collaborators have worked to build up over the years is now accessible for all to enjoy!

Screen shot of eMuseum

eMuseum is a resource that has revolutionized how museums and cultural institutions in the United States engage with the public; you are now in control of your own viewing experience. With our new eMuseum site, you have the ability to explore nearly all artworks in the Escalette Collection, search by medium or artist, peruse past exhibitions, and even curate and share your own personal collection of works with the MyCollection feature.

Screen shot of eMuseum

There are several ways to navigate the eMuseum website. On the home Collections page, we have created a few groupings of objects to represent the collection, including medium, New Acquisitions, Currently on View, and Featured. We plan to continue adding more groupings as we investigate new themes and artists in our exhibitions and on-campus collaborations. Another navigation option is to use the left-hand menu. These icon buttons allow you to search by Collection, People (in our case, artists), Exhibitions, and MyCollections. Creating your own Collection is simple; just click on the folder icon on the left-hand menu and type in your collection name. Every object on eMuseum has an “add to MyCollection” button; to add an object to your collection, simply click this button and the object will be added automatically. 


The Art Collection Department envisions that eMuseum will be a growing resource to which new acquisitions, exhibition labels, research, and additional information is continually added for public use. We are excited to use eMuseum as a tool to support class projects, student and faculty research, student engagement, and community outreach at Chapman University. The link to our eMuseum site is available on the Art Collections website.


eMuseum is generally funded by the Escalette Endowment.

If you have any questions about using our eMuseum site or incorporating it into a project, please email