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Celebrating Escalette’s Quinquennial! The Guggenheim Gallery's "Paths and Edges" Exhibit Closing Reception

September 14, 2015 by | Escalette Permanent Collection of Art

This past Sunday, friends and visitors gathered to celebrate the closing reception of the Paths and Edges exhibition at the Guggenheim Gallery, which marks the fifth anniversary of the Escalette Permanent Collection of Art. Several of the exhibit’s featured artists were in attendance, including Soo Kim, whose artwork That was because this year will of course go on is the

Miya Ando’s Industrial Watercolors

August 21, 2015 by | Escalette Permanent Collection of Art

Miya Ando, whose sculptural structure is now on view at the 56th Venice Biennale, is most well-known for the paintings she creates with metal. These “industrial watercolors” are made using a variety of complicated processes involving scorching heat, electrically charged vats, sharp tools, dangerous chemicals, loud sanding, and layers of paint or dye. Her fascination with such

From Burnt Cardboard to Fine Art

July 24, 2015 by | Escalette Permanent Collection of Art

Jay McCafferty’s solar paintings are unusual for one specific reason; instead of using paint as his primary medium he uses solar rays to create his artwork. McCafferty uses a magnifying glass to channel the sun’s rays and burn holes into stacks of painted vellum paper or cardboard. Each hole he burns is unique given the

Paths and Edges Installation Underway!

July 18, 2015 by | Escalette Permanent Collection of Art

This week, staff from the Guggenheim Gallery and the Escalette Collection, along with their team of student assistants, have been beating the relentless July heat to install Chapman’s new exhibit in the Guggenheim Gallery: Paths and Edges: Celebrating the Fifth-Anniversary of Our Escalette Collection. The exhibit will consist of over one dozen works of art from the collection,

A Study for Cliff Benjamin

July 7, 2015 by | Escalette Permanent Collection of Art

Cliff Benjamin is a notable name in the modern art world: not only is he an artist himself, but he also is the co-owner of Western Project, a modern art gallery in Culver City, California. He began his career as an artist, then continued his profession into the world of education and support for fellow artists.

Brackin Rights

June 10, 2015 by | Escalette Permanent Collection of Art

Every day while walking the hallways of the 633 W. Palm building here at Chapman, I pass by a couple of paintings by the artist Seann Brackin. I always have to be careful, because if I stop to gaze at these pieces, hours could pass by and I would still be entranced by them, possibly

Allison Schulnik: Animating Canvas

May 28, 2015 by | Escalette Permanent Collection of Art

Allison Schulnik’s paintings are a space where abstraction, movement, and tension come together, reflecting her later work in animation. Her work is multi-layered and as she says herself, it is really about activating the surface of the canvas. In an interview with Lauren Licata of Mark Moore Gallery, Schulnik describes her process: “I rarely have

Ann Hamilton

May 21, 2015 by | Escalette Permanent Collection of Art

Contemporary artist Ann Hamilton has long been known to incorporate textiles, whether in a physical or metaphorical sense, into her pieces. Hamilton, who received her BFA in textile design from the University of Kansas and her MFA in sculpture from the Yale School of Art, is internationally known for her large-scale pieces that incorporate not only

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