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Allison Schulnik: Animating Canvas

May 28, 2015 by | Escalette Permanent Collection of Art

Allison Schulnik’s paintings are a space where abstraction, movement, and tension come together, reflecting her later work in animation. Her work is multi-layered and as she says herself, it is really about activating the surface of the canvas. In an interview with Lauren Licata of Mark Moore Gallery, Schulnik describes her process: “I rarely have

Ann Hamilton

May 21, 2015 by | Escalette Permanent Collection of Art

Contemporary artist Ann Hamilton has long been known to incorporate textiles, whether in a physical or metaphorical sense, into her pieces. Hamilton, who received her BFA in textile design from the University of Kansas and her MFA in sculpture from the Yale School of Art, is internationally known for her large-scale pieces that incorporate not only

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