On Saturday, June 3rd, asphalt will be applied to the south third of North Center Street, near the Center for Science and Technology (CS&T) site, to help mitigate the uneven pavement. This will be done at the request of the City of Orange.

Once the CS&T is completed, estimated to be during the summer of 2018, the entirety of North Center Street from Walnut to Sycamore will be paved.

Additionally, on Monday June 5, and Tuesday, June 6, there will be a crane on North Center Street lifting new air handlers onto the roof of the CS&T.

Click here to view live webcams of the project.

If there is any activity going on that you’re unsure about, or if you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to call the Office of Community Relations at (714) 289-2097 or email us at neighbors@chapman.edu.