Chapman University’s Attallah College of Educational Studies and Santiago Canyon College have signed a new partnership that is designed to meet the growing need for teachers in California.

The Chapman Transfer Admission Guarantee (C-TAG) for Future Educators is a new pathway for community college students who want to become elementary or special education teachers in their communities. Under the agreement, students who complete a prerequisite program at Santiago Canyon College (SCC) will be offered guaranteed transfer admission to Chapman University, where they will complete their bachelor’s degree in Attallah College’s Integrated
Educational Studies (IES) program.

“The C-TAG for Future Educators is the first agreement of its kind focused on future teachers that is especially geared toward those seeking to serve our children and our community here in Orange County,” said Margaret Grogan, Dean of Attallah College, at the signing event on December 4.

Santiago Canyon College President John Hernandez welcomed the new pathway to teaching partnership, saying, “Streamlining the transfer pipeline, demystifying what that’s like, particularly for first generation college students, is extremely critical and important.”

Along with the partnership, Chapman University President Daniele Struppa announced that five two-year, full tuition scholarships will be available to SCC students who enter Chapman as part of the first cohort in the C-TAG Future
Educators program in fall 2021.

“My hope is that they are just the first few from a long group of students that are going to walk the halls of SCC and Chapman,” said President Struppa.

“At Chapman, we strive to build connections and enhance the relationships necessary to identify solutions to both global and local concerns,” said President Struppa. “This new partnership between Santiago Canyon College and Chapman is key to strengthening our surrounding community.”