As COVID-19 brings new threats to mental health, Chapman Marriage and Family Therapy students are eager to help.  Normally, the graduate students offer therapy sessions on Palm Street in Crean Hall.  However, with new distancing guidelines, sessions look a little different.  Chapman’s Frances Smith Center for Individual and Family Therapy has transitioned to Telehealth counseling, and has opened its lines to the surrounding community.   

Although in-person meetings have temporarily halted, M.A. Madison Herrick reflected on her amazement at “how powerful a session could be over the phone.” Looking back at telehealth sessions with her clients, Herrick noted that people seemed to feel “comfortable and vulnerable in their homes” which allowed her to continue her work, and in some cases, “dive even deeper than before.”

Some common concerns from the community include worries about making rent, trouble with staying motivated, struggles with depression and caring for the sick.  The Center for Individual and Family Therapy have recognized these pressing difficulties and have aided a number of clients to overcome them.  

Many local residents have already reached out to express their sincere gratitude for therapeutic support during the pandemic, and the students are appreciative of the opportunity to reach out to those in the community who may be struggling now more than ever before.  

To schedule an appointment for free  counseling, call (714) 997-6746 and press “1” for the intake line.