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Chapman joins Orange community in return of the annual May Parade

May 18, 2022 by | Community

Last weekend, Orange residents and visitors lined the streets for the first Orange May Parade since the pandemic. Hosted by the Orange Chamber of Commerce, the parade featured a procession of vintage cars, bands, dancers, animals and so much more. Various departments at Chapman University participated in the parade, including Community Relations, Chapman Alumni Association,

Alumna Tattoo Artist Uses Her Skills to Restore

March 18, 2019 by | Neighbor-to-Neighbor

The electric tattoo needle humming along the edge of Linda Lee Franklin’s eyes sounds like a bumblebee. But Franklin isn’t worried. The retired schoolteacher is happy to lie still as Chapman alumna Kimberly Armstrong (M.A. ’98) gently inks in feathery arcs of pale brown color along the rims of her eyelids. Because after years of

A neighborly visit with Tuan Nguyen (M.S. ’94)

January 24, 2018 by | Neighbor-to-Neighbor

The neighbors were befuddled – you’re making soup in the garage? Friends raised their eyebrows – do you realize your clothes smell like beef broth? But Chapman University food science alumnus Tuan V. Nguyen (M.S. ’94) was undaunted. He was on a quest to create an instant soup base to help home and restaurant chefs

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