MicroFest, “the world’s leading concert series devoted to the glorious universe of non-standard tunings”, was brought to Chapman University’s Conservatory of Music by assistant professor of music Nick Terry, who has worked with the founder John Schneider since 2003.  Since 1997, MicroFest has grown to a festival of eight separate events this year at Southern California venues ranging from Venice to Claremont, Orange to Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA. MicroFest is co-directed by Schneider and composer Bill Alves and has included ground-breaking concerts and premieres of works by Lou Harrison, Terry Riley, and Harry Partch with new and historical instruments.  Chapman’s MicroFest celebrated the music of composer Ben Johnson, who also served as a guest lecturer.  Read the LA Times review of MicroFest at http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/la-et-microfest-johnston-review-20120427,0,639344.story.