During summer 2019, I performed as a tour team intern for pop artist Tiffany Houghton. I gained the position after applying through Handshake and performing two sets of interviews. Each day presented new projects. From contacting artists and their management teams—such as fellow pop artist Tiffany Alvord who has since participated in collaborations with Tiffany Houghton—to coordinating marketing methods for upcoming gigs and releases, this internship gave me diverse projects that provided insight into the music industry and the many elements that create it.

By September 2019, I was promoted to Lead Intern and conducted interviews to expand our team and planned projects for the tour team to enhance Tiffany Houghton’s performances. At the same time as my promotion, I was hired as a Music PR Intern by Clarion Call Media and traveled to Los Angeles twice a week to conduct research for press reports, edit press releases, and contact writers and publishers about upcoming releases and performances. Balancing these internships simultaneously, the projects assigned often coincided and progressed my understanding of the industry as a whole.

Throughout my time at Chapman, my education has taught, established, and challenged my evolving goals. Entering as a Vocal Performance major in the College of Performing Arts (CoPA), I was determined to learn about as many elements of music as possible in order to understand the impact of music and to grow both as a musician and as an individual. My experiences as Tour Team Lead Intern and Music PR Intern solidified my desires to develop and contribute to communities enthusiastic for holistic music, to act as a representative and voice for artists of disparate backgrounds, and to fulfill the goals of artists.

Chapman has helped me kick-start this journey, and I look forward to seeing how it progresses. To my fellow CoPA students: utilize your resources. Our CoPA career advisor has guided me throughout the process of establishing myself in the music industry and has provided ample support to obtain these goals; I promise she will do the same for you. Connect with other students! Speak openly about your visions and collaborate—your network begins here. Finally, have faith in yourself (as cliché as it may be). You are fully capable.

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