The COVID-19 pandemic completely upended the performing arts world. It affected artists, audiences, and infrastructure in ways never imagined. Undaunted, the College of Performing Arts (CoPA) has stepped up to that challenge, refusing to be defeated or allow these new restrictions to affect the quality of our students’ education and training.

Throughout the summer, CoPA administrators, faculty and staff have applied intense focus and creativity to prepare for any instructional and performative possibility by the start of fall semester as part of the campus-wide initiatives in the wake of COVID. Every single teaching, production, and performance space has been measured and mapped by CoPA staff, and thorough safety measures are now planned for the day when students can safely return to campus. There have also been significant additions to classroom technology so that every room is prepared for remote instruction or hybrid classes, recording lectures, and other performances.

“Our significant technology investment means we are prepared to meet the demands of this new reality for both instruction and performance productions. I’m confident our students will continue to enjoy the rigorous and engaging education they expect and deserve,” said Giulio Ongaro, dean of the college.

The CoPA Production Department has retooled to capture and edit performance productions, whether remote or in person. In fact, the technology is already being utilized for the upcoming fall productions. Also, a special space has been created in the Waltmar Theatre to use as a recording and editing studio. This studio will be used for the foreseeable future for the benefit of CoPA students.

In the gallery below you can view some of the technology and safety measures now in place to ensure CoPA students are able to continue learning, honing their craft, and preparing for a career in the performing arts no matter where they are located.

For questions about any of the CU Safely Back measures CoPA or the university have planned, please visit the CU Safely Back website or email