LogoThis Summer Crean’s Communication Sciences and Disorder’s program received a $600K grant through the Scottish Rite Foundation to fully fund the RiteCare Childhood Language Center for the next three years. This grant will allow the clinic to be fully funded to the CLC level so that it can function as a true ‘clinic’ in Santa Ana to be a vital community resource.

This 3-year contract will fund a manager, student staff, and supervisors who oversee the clinical work experience of our CSD graduate students. Here, our students learn how to screen, evaluate, conduct therapy and educate children and their families in Orange County. These are children who do not otherwise qualify to receive speech-language pathology services elsewhere, lifting the financial burden of this specialized care. The majority of the children are toddlers and preschoolers, but school-age children are welcomed as well. We are excited to be able to offer these services at no cost to the community. Our supervisors and student clinicians are proud that each year, we ‘graduate’ children from services, meaning that, the improvement they have made in their speech and language allows them to start kindergarten with their peers.

SLP with ChildrenCurrently, the CLC is open 4 days a week September through June and starting in 2025, the CLC will be open 5 days a week. The grant runs through 2027.

Mary Kennedy, Chair of the CSD Program shares, “The relationship that Communication Sciences and Disorders has with the Scottish Rite Foundation is a partnership that provides children and families with community based speech and language services, while at the same time, teaching our graduate student clinicians how work with young children and give back to the community. The Scottish Rite Foundation’s commitment to children’s health and well-being is realized through this partnership with Chapman and its commitment to community service and graduate education.”

To learn more about the RiteCare Childhood Language Center visit their website: https://www.casrf.org/orangecounty