In early May, Fowler School of Engineering students presented their research to the Chapman University campus during the Spring Student Scholar Symposium hosted be the Center for Undergraduate Excellence. They displayed their posters or gave oral presentations to share their findings on subjects such as solving issues in residual network to creating a braille-display interactive learning game.  

Students took advantage of the many research opportunities available at Fowler Engineering through funding and faculty mentorship.  Each student worked with their faculty advisor to pursue a research topic related to their interest in engineering.  


May 1, 2024 

Poster Session I: 

Student(s):  Ellie Nguyen  

Faculty Advisor: Franceli Cibrian 

Research: Designing a Novel Interface that Supports Musical Interaction 

Ellie Ngyuen


Student(s):  Daniel Dinh, Evelyn Lawrie, Sav Avalos, Spencer Au, Paige Caskey, Sarah Fieck, Cyrus Faamafoe, Briana Craig, Ray Tan, Jack DeBruyn 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. LouAnne Boyd 

Research: Connecting Diverse Identities through Celebratory Technology to Reduce Social Stigma in College Students 

Dr. LouAnne Boyd 

Student(s): Joseph McWherter 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nicole Wagner 

Research: Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Calcium Carbonate Composites 

Joseph M


Student(s): Yanelly Mego

Faculty Advisor(s): Dr. Franceli Cibrian, Dr. Hector Camarillo Abad 

Research: DANCETAG: Using Sensors to Improve Feedback Given to Dance Students 

Yanelly Mego 


Student(s): Arian Tajvar

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew Lyon 

Research: Advancing Microgel Analysis with Improved Video Processing on Bright Field Microscopy 

Arian Tajvar 


Student(s): Evelyn Lawrie

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Laura Loustau

Research: Computational Linguistics and Multilingualism: A Comparative Analysis with Spanish and English Data

Evelyn Lawrie - Spring Symposium 

Student(s): Briana Craig

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jeremy Hsu 

Research: Exploring the Impact of Subject Placement on Exam Questions 

Briana Craig Spring Symposium


Student(s): Lauren Szlosek 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ian Barnard 

Research: Copycat Couture: How the Fast Fashion Industry is Exploiting Copyright Law 

Lauren Szlosek



Poster Session 2  

Student(s): Ponthea Zahraii

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nasim Estakhri 

Research: Implementation of Residual Tandem Neural Networks for Photonic Inverse Design 

Ponthea Z 

Student(s): Mason Li, Ariel Kuo 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Yuxin Wen 

Research: Integrating Multi-Modality Data with Tensor Decomposition 

Mason Ariel Yuxin


Student(s): Hate Hamilton, Anne Marie Santich 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew Lyon 

Research: Optimization of 5% Ultra Low Crosslinked Microgel Pastes as a Bioink for Extrusion Based Bioprinting 

Hatte Hamilton


Student(s): Anne Marie Santich 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew Lyon 

Research: Gels of Gels: Using Ultrasoft Colloids to Create New Gels for Bioengineering 

Anna Marie

Student(s): Kevin Le 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ian Barnard 

Research: Plagiarism or Transformation? Rethinking Originality in Modern Films 

Kevin Le 

Student(s): Kyle Choy, Anne Marie Santich 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew Lyon 

Research: Development of Colloid-Collagen Composites for Bioengineering Applications 

Kyle and Anna 

May 2, 2024 

Oral Session 1:  

Student(s): Mattheos Drivas, Daniel Tsivkovski, Luke Shankland, Michael Smith, Emma Garofolo, John Mulhern 

Faculty Advisor(s): Dr. Maryam Etezad, Rajeev Joshi 

Research: Interactive Math and Shapes Games on an Affordable Learning-Focused Braille Display 

Matt, Daniel, Emma