As a friendly reminder, no food or drinks are allowed in Swenson Hall reservable rooms, N202 – N206. Please review the policies and procedures below, which are also posted inside each room. Failure to comply with these policies will result in a minimum 14-day suspension of reservation privileges. Continued violations of these policies will result in a longer suspension or a permanent loss of reservation privileges.

Policies and Procedures for Reservable Rooms:

  1. To reserve a room, you must enter your last name, first initial, and last four digits of your student ID number. Failure to follow these steps when reserving a space will result in a cancellation.
  2. You can only reserve three 60-minute blocks per week (all room reservations combined, not per room).
  3. No food or drinks (except water) in the enclosed reservable rooms (excludes open study areas, kitchens, and Ideation Zone).
  4. The person who reserved the room assumes full responsibility for the equipment, furniture, and all individuals allowed inside the room.
  5. Do not bring chairs or other furniture in or out of the space.
  6. Before the end of your reservation, please make sure to move all furniture to its original position before leaving the room.
  7. Report any room damage or malfunctioning equipment immediately to the Dean’s Office N115 or email