Lledo headshotThe Fowler School of Engineering is thrilled to announce the appointment of Elia Eiroa Lledo, Ph.D. to a full-time, instructional track faculty! A little background about her as said by Dean Andrew Lyon. Elia Eiroa Lledo received her BS (Computer Information Systems), MS (CADS), and PhD (CADS) from Chapman University. She loved it here so much, that she decided it would be a cool place to launch her academic career. After teaching part time for Chapman for a short while, she joined us full time this academic year on a temporary basis – her excellence in the classroom has been incredibly valuable as we work to meet the needs of our rapidly growing student body. We have now been fortunate to recruit her as a regular FT faculty member – I cannot wait to see how her career continues to unfold here at Chapman – she is truly an outstanding member of our community.

Dr. Eiroa Lledo says, “I am thrilled to further my career at this campus that has become my home. Chapman University nurtures students with values and knowledge, and the Fowler School of Engineering excels in providing opportunities for its students and faculty. I am eager to continue contributing to this community that has given me so much. I look forward to mentoring more students, advancing new research initiatives, and fostering an inclusive and diverse environment for all to learn and innovate.”