Dr. Murphy StudebakerThe Fowler School of Engineering is thrilled to announce the appointment of Murphy Studebaker to a full-time, instructional track faculty! A little background about her as said by Dean Andrew Lyon. Murphy Studebaker received her BS in Data Analytics from Chapman and then jumped into a role as a Data Scientist II at Disney. Since 2019 she has also continued to teach on a part time basis with us, and again – her excellence in the classroom has been invaluable, as has her industry experience. She loved working with our students so much, she decided to return to us from industry in order to expand her teaching portfolio and become more fully immersed in the world of Engineering at Chapman. She has some wonderful ideas on how to accelerate student success and I look forward to collaborating with her to bring those ideas to fruition.

Ms. Studebaker says, “When I took my first computer science course, it changed the direction of my life and career; it helped me build self-confidence and led me to an industry I had never before considered as a path for me. I am so excited to start this next chapter at Chapman University and continue to bring my enthusiasm for technology into the classroom.”