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Eid Al-Fitr What is it and its relationship to Ramadan

April 21, 2023 by | Ramadan

Linguistically, “Eid” comes from a verb meaning the return of something time after time. The word itself means a time of returning joy. There are two Eids in Islam, one on the first day of the beginning of the 10th month in the Islamic calendar, “Shawwal,” and the other on the 10th day of the

Earth Day: Celebrating Our Connection to Spirit & Planet

April 14, 2021 by | Uncategorized

Renewing Our Connection to Spirit and Planet Spring is the season of hope and renewal, as joyously expressed throughout the world’s religious and spiritual traditions. Is it any wonder why all of humanity’s faiths celebrate the return of spring with such religious richness? Easter, Pesach, Holi, Ramadan, Nowruz, Ostara, Purim, Ridvan, Vaisakhi, and Wesak are

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