• I was there the day Huell filmed this episode. I met him and took a picture with him.

  • Sadly it comes down to tax revenue. A container yard would generates more taxes. It’s that simple. Nostalgia doesn’t pay the bills.

  • Sadly it came down to tax revenue potential from port commerce. Nostalgia doesn’t pay the bills. The public use wouldn’t have generated enough to support the maintenance. The container depot pays the bills that prop 13 took away and as a port city, it needed to be done as no other location would have worked without demolishing something else to provide the capacity.

    It was a beautiful place. I’m sad I never got to see it. Born in LB but left in ’94 without getting to drive around the base. I’m old enough to remember Pier Point and The Pike — those too had their day in the sun. I miss them too.

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