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Tightening the Water Belt- California’s Water (121)

Water has long been a big concern for Californians and the city of Long Beach has implemented many unique and cutting edge techniques to help conserve as much of it as possible. Huell spends the day there and learns all about these innovative ideas.  2008

Oil Islands- California’s Gold (10002)

In Long Beach, Calif., there’s a 42-acre oilfield — offshore, in plain view of tourists, port traffic and beach lovers — with 175-foot-high drilling towers and 1,100 wells that penetrate a vast underground. It may well be the most unique and beautiful oil drill site in America. The idea that you could drill for oil  Continue Reading »

Boeing – California’s Gold (118)

Huell Howser visits the Boeing Company in Long Beach, California. Join Huell as he takes us on a tour of the facility where aircrafts are built by several skilled workers. Watch how a C-17 plane is built from start to finish and meet the team that assembles the aircraft together one piece at a time.

Cambodian Community- Visiting (902)

Huell visits the huge Cambodian community in Long Beach; with a population of over 45,000, its more than any city in the world other than the Capitol of Cambodia. His tour teaches him about the culture, customs, art, music and Huell’s favorite — food.  2001

Long Beach Naval Station- Visiting (425)

Huell spends the day at Long Beach Naval Station which is threatened with demolition due to military downsizing. Many people want to save the site and turn the historic buildings into a park for the city.  1996

L.A. River- Visiting (218)

Huell gets a first hand tour of this much-maligned river. He starts at its source and follows it to Long Beach where it empties into the ocean. 1994