Guadalupe – California’s Gold (904)

At first you can’t believe it’s real. It must be a movie set of a small, picturesque, agricultural town at the turn of the century. But with just a little exploration host Huell Howser discovers this is no movie set, but a fine example of “California’s Gold.”

Located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles just a few miles off the 101 freeway, the little town of Guadalupe sits right in the middle of one of the richest agricultural areas in our state. Huell gets up early and visits the fields, talks with the workers and watches as they harvest celery and lettuce. While there, he also discusses the rich cultural heritage of the area as he talks with descendants of Filipino families who have been living and working in the Santa Maria Valley for generations.

The adventure also includes a tour of the authentic and colorful town itself and a visit to the nearby spectacular Guadalupe Dunes. In reality this entire adventure provides an opportunity to meet some nice people, see some beautiful scenery, learn about our agricultural heritage and savor the ambiance of a very special place on our central coast.