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Guadalupe Dunes- California’s Golden Coast (104)

Huell tours the the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes preserve with a representative of the Dunes Center, an agency, which along with other state, county and federal organizations, works to balance public use and resource protection of the largest, most biodiverse, coastal dune-lagoon ecosystem on earth. With 1,400 known species of birds, plants and animals and with the  Continue Reading »

Buried Treasure- California’s Gold (401)

Join Huell and explore the coastal town of Guadalupe, in Santa Barbara County, where the massive set from Cecil B. De Mille’s silent film epic, The Ten Commandments,” is buried; then journey to the Sierra County mining town of Alleghany and descend cavernous tunnels, 2200 feet below, for an adventure in search of gold.  1993