Naser Alshamasi (LL.M. ’13) became one the newest Academic Fellows at Chapman Law School. This accomplishment means that he is in the top of his class and has been hand-selected by a professor to help teach. Like all Academic Fellows, Naser is highly intelligent, easy to understand and enthusiastically helps students in their first semester. But unlike other Academic Fellows, Naser could not write a single word in English three years ago.

Naser is an international student and he grew up in a small town in Saudi Arabia named Arar. It is located on the northern side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. After finishing high school in Alshams, he attended King Saud University where he received his degree in law. “I chose law because I love assisting others and what better way to help, than through law,” mentioned Naser.

After Law school, he worked as a legal advisor at the General Organization for Social Insurance from October 2005 until April 2007. After this, Naser was chosen by the academic committee at King Saud University to work as a Professor’s assistant at the College of Law and Political Sciences in the Department of Civil Law. He taught classes in civil law and volunteered in the human rights office in Saudi Arabia for six months as a legal advisor. Shortly thereafter, Naser chose to expand on his studies in the United States.

“I was inspired to attend Chapman University’s LL.M. program because it is one of the best law programs for international students,” said Naser. Right before attending Chapman, Naser took an extension course in English. “I had to force myself to study and practice every day. I practiced English with my classmates, friends, neighbors, shoppers in the supermarket and with anyone who wanted to listen to me.”

Today, Naser regularly speaks, writes and grades in English. “His writing is indistinguishable from a domestic student,” says Professor Rick Faulkner. Although American laws are foreign to him, Naser learns quickly and always talks about what he learns. “This is precisely what makes him a great Academic Fellow,” added Professor Faulkner.

Dr. Ronald Steiner, Director of the Chapman LL.M. program, considers Naser an outstanding asset to the Law School and the University. “Naser has done a lot to help those of us at Chapman understand the law and legal education in Saudi Arabia. He is a great ambassador for his country and for King Saud University.”

When he finishes his LL.M program and returns to Saudi Arabia, Naser will already have a position in King Saud University as full-time professor of law. He wants to teach Mortgage law, Mediation and Negotiation and any other courses that deal with civil law.