Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law alumnus Marty Burbank (LL.M. ’08) recently offered to pay the tuition of 26 Anaheim kindergartners at Rio Vista Elementary.

Marty Burbank headshot

Chapman University Fowler School of Law alumnus Marty Burbank

Burbank has previously supported the school through donations such as a pallet of granola bars, more than 1,000 notebooks and a power washer, but this is by far his largest donation, expected to total about $1 million.

The idea came when he was shopping for a sailboat, he said in an
Orange County Register
article. But after a random thought, he opted to take the money he would spend on a boat and give it back to the community.

“Sailing has been a big part of my life. (But) the boat seemed like a real selfish thing to me at that point. This is something significant that I think is going to impact a lot more people than just me,” he said in the article.

Burbank and his wife will provide two years of community college and two years of Cal State University tuition (or the equivalent if students attend a private college or a University of California school), as well as books.

The only requirement for the students is to send Burbank a drawing or essay each year describing what a college education will mean to them and their family.

Burbank is founder of
OC Elder Law
, which specializes in a number of areas including estate planning, wills and trusts, Medi-Cal planning, veteran’s benefits and special needs planning, among others.

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