maryalice khan

Maryalice Khan

Maryalice Khan (’98) is no stranger to a good challenge. Perhaps that’s why, in addition to her full-time work as a regulatory/accrediting compliance auditor with Anthem Blue Cross, she is co-founder of the Orange County Bar Association’s (OCBA) Health Care Law Section and Chair of the OCBA’s Legislative Resolutions Committee (LRC). As Chair of the LRC, Khan has spent the last four years representing the Orange County legal community as a delegate for the Conference of California Bar Associations, a consortium of bar associations throughout the state that meets annually to propose new legislation and revisions to existing California legislation.

“I have a passion and desire to give back and work on behalf of other attorneys for the betterment of our legal system,” Khan said. “Participation on the Legislative Resolutions Committee is a great way for attorneys, whether new or seasoned, to jump in and get involved.”

This month she will end her four-year tenure on the committee, but she still plans to remain active in the LRC. Before joining the committee, Khan co-founded the Health Care Law Section to offer a new educational opportunity to other attorneys interested in health care law practice. In addition to her work with the OCBA, Khan, who began her career as a registered nurse, is an adjunct professor of nursing and law.

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