This fall not only brings the start of another exciting playoff season in Major League Baseball but it also marks Jennifer Tedmori‘s (JD ’15) one-year anniversary as Associate Legal Counsel of Angels Baseball. The role is one Tedmori never anticipated when she started law school.

“I did not even know that sports law was an option until I became involved in the Entertainment and Sports Law Symposium at Chapman,” she said. “Once I found it, though, I completely fell in love.”

At Fowler School of Law’s 2014 Entertainment and Sports Law Symposium, Tedmori met Alex Winsberg, the Angels’ Director of Legal Affairs and Risk Management, who was participating as a panelist. As an Angels fan, Tedmori jumped at the opportunity to meet him.

“I reached out after the symposium to ask if I could buy him a cup of coffee and talk more about breaking into the sports industry,” she said. Like Tedmori, Winsberg did not have a background in sports law before joining the franchise’s legal team in 2013.

A few months after the meeting, Winsberg contacted Tedmori to let her know about an open internship with the team, a position she ultimately secured and worked during her third year of law school.

“I tried to make myself as valuable as possible in the office,” she said. “I took on as many tasks as I could and stayed as late as they would let me.”

Her efforts paid off. After graduating and passing the bar, the Angels offered her a full-time job as Associate Legal Counsel, a brand new position for the team.

While the focus of her daily work depends on the time of the season, Tedmori handles a range of tasks, including sponsorships, construction and employment contracts, workers’ compensation, intellectual property, litigation, and more. Her reach also extends to Angels Radio and the Angels Baseball Foundation.

“A big moment for me as a baseball fan was visiting the Major League Baseball offices in New York,” Tedmori said.

Tedmori chose Chapman in part due to her older sister, who attended nearly ten years earlier. Although she initially planned to pursue criminal law, Tedmori is very pleased with her career choice.

“If you told me four years ago this is what I would be doing, I do not think I would have believed you,” she said.

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