raymond justChapman University Fowler School of Law alumnus Raymond Just (LL.M. ’13) has a resume nearly as storied as the projects he helps bring to life as a Senior Attorney with Paramount Pictures. His work with Paramount began as an LL.M. student at Chapman, when he took an internship in the studio’s Motion Picture Legal Department.

Before deciding to pursue his LL.M. in Entertainment and Media Law at Chapman University, Just built a successful career as a litigator. But after practicing for more than a decade in three different states, Just decided to return to one of his original passions, film, when a sports injury landed him in the intensive care unit and led him to reconsider his path. “When I got out, I resigned as counsel, moved to Southern California and decided to get back to my roots and combine my love of film and the law,” he said.

He has worked on films including “Star Trek Beyond” – a dream come true as a lifelong fan, he says – “Transformers” IV, V and VI, and “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation,” to name just a few. A large part of his role includes the acquisition of rights, the greenlighting process, and drafting and negotiating agreements for writers, producers, directors, and actors. “The work is fascinating to me on a number of levels,” Just said. “It’s certainly a lot more fun than I was having in the courtroom.”

Through his courses at Chapman and his participation in the Entertainment Law Clinic, Just learned the ins and outs of being a studio lawyer from professors like Kathy Heller and Judd Funk, and was able to begin his career knowing the industry standard for drafting talent agreements. “The curriculum at Chapman gave me the opportunity to quickly get my hands dirty and get to working on things while still a student,” he said.