Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law alumnus Peter Javanmardi (JD ’08) helped a client obtain a verdict in excess of $16.6 million last month in a wrongful termination and racial discrimination case in Los Angeles Superior Court. The award includes $373,514 in economic damages, $2.5 million in non-economic damages, and $13.8 million in punitive damages.

The client, Rickey Moland, was a production supervisor for McWane, Inc., a plumbing manufacturer. Moland’s complaint described an environment in which he was repeatedly referred to by fellow employees in derogatory terms and was wrongfully terminated following an internal investigation.

“It’s a huge accomplishment on so many levels, but the outcome for the client is most important for me,” Javanmardi said. “He and his family went through so much to get here, so I’m very happy that they are finally able to have some closure, although there may still be a long road ahead as the company has stated they will appeal the verdict.”

Javanmardi took on the client in 2014 when he founded his firm, Javanmardi Law, PC. He founded the firm after nearly six years with The Mirroknian Law Firm in Sherman Oaks. Javanmardi brought the case to his previous firm (The Mirroknian Law Firm) to assist in litigating the case. Javanmardi associated with Carney Shegerian for trial. Shegerian served as lead counsel and Javanmardi served as second chair at trial.

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