A cool fall evening provided the perfect backdrop to the Fowler School of Law State and Federal Bar Swearing-in Ceremony held in a packed Memorial Hall on Friday evening. In attendance were the one-hundred-plus bar exam passers, faculty, family and friends, along with Judge Nathan Vu, the Honorable Mark Wallace (Retired), Dean Paton, Professor Nate Camuti, Esq. (JD ’14), chair of the Fowler School of Law Alumni Advisor Board, Joe Chairez, Esq. a former president of the Orange County Bar Association, and our tireless CSO, Admissions and Student Affairs teams. The Fowler School of Law’s July bar exam results marked something of a milestone for Chapman Law graduates as well as our bar-prep team, whose combined efforts secured an exemplary 81% pass rate in the July exams, placing Fowler Law bar-takers five percentage points clear of the 76% average pass rate enjoyed by Californian ABA-accredited law schools. Needless to say, Memorial Hall was awash with smiles, collegial warmth and even a few relieved sighs as Fowler graduates took their Californian and federal oaths. Congratulations to all our graduates and new attorneys.