As Fowler School of Law Dean Paul Paton noted during his welcoming remarks, you don’t often hear the words “Law Symposium” and “Sold Out” in the same sentence. The 2024 Chapman Law Review was hosted in a packed-to-capacity Kennedy Hall and treated guests to a dazzling array of legal scholarship, experience and insight. Academics, practitioners and lawmakers led the audience through regulations governing the music industry, the implications for Artificial Intelligence and machine-generated melodies, copyrightability, questions around the federal right to publicity, and using rap lyrics as evidence in criminal trials.

The two discussion panels peppered guests, faculty, and students with fresh ideas, old beef(s), debunked myths, and new directions from the cutting edge of law and the music industry. As the event drew to a close, our house DJ filled the Kennedy Hall lobby with the “freshest beats” to get the weekend started in the best possible way.