Competing against 48 teams from around the world, students from Chapman University’s Fowler School of Law earned several Gold and Bronze medals at the online International Mediation Singapore competition (ISMG 2021), held across the weekends of October 22-24 and October 30-31.

The Fowler School of Law sent two teams to the virtual competition, with Elijah McLaughlin, Jack McMenamin, and Joe Sanchez comprising one team, and Valentina Escobar, Elizabeth Kim, and Tyler Makin comprising the other. The competition was held on Singapore time, with all five rounds beginning at 6 a.m. PT.

Kim, a 3L, won a Gold medal in Mediation, while Makin (a 2L) and Escobar (a 3L), won a Gold medal in Mediation Advocacy. The team of 2L McLaughlin and 3Ls McMenamin and Sanchez won Bronze medals in both categories.

Launched in 2019 by the Singapore International Mediation Institute, International Mediation Singapore is the first-ever international moot competition organized in Singapore that focuses on mediation advocacy and mediation. Teams experience an immersive experience that challenges their skills from start to finish – with no eliminations, dynamic live power pairings, and a top-tier finish guaranteed for every team.