Building on already strong momentum, the Fowler School of Law at Chapman University saw one of the top gains in incoming class credentials among all U.S. law schools from 2016 to 2020, based on recently released national law school admissions data.

Over the last four years, the Fowler School of Law’s incoming class saw a four-point rise in median LSAT, from 155 to 159, and almost a third of a point increase in median GPA, from 3.24 to 3.52. The 2020 class was not only the academically strongest in the school’s history, but also its most diverse, with more than 50% diversity representation and 35% first-generation college students.

These strong gains in class metrics come on the heels of other notable milestones for the Fowler School of Law, including experiencing the largest jump in U.S. News & World Report “Best Law School” rankings over two years, record at-graduation and 10-month alumni employment rates, and most recently, the second-highest bar pass rate in the school’s history.